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  • Tom Whitwell

    Tom Whitwell

    Consultant at Fluxx, reformed journalist, hardware designer.

  • Po Bronson

    Po Bronson

    Managing Director @IndieBio. 9 National Awards for reporting. 7 bestselling books in 28 languages. Cited in 185 academic journals. Newest: “Decoding the World.”

  • Duncan A Sabien

    Duncan A Sabien

    Duncan Sabien is a writer, teacher, and maker of things. He loves parkour, LEGOs, and MTG, and is easily manipulated by people quoting Ender’s Game.

  • Joe Oppenheimer

    Joe Oppenheimer

    Joe is a Performer, Mentor and Songwriter with 15 years experience on guitar and piano, specialising in real, heart-felt music: www.joeoppenheimer.com/songcraft

  • Alexandria Gagnon

    Alexandria Gagnon

  • Louka Parry

    Louka Parry

    Action-based optimist | ex-principal | perpetual learner | aspiring hyperpolyglot & polymath | adventurer | Exploring the future of learning, work and life.

  • the busty bruiser

    the busty bruiser

    …is a sex worker based in Las Vegas. Her writing has appeared on Jezebel and Tits & Sass. She can typically be found ranting on Twitter @bustybruiser.

  • Ralf Beever

    Ralf Beever

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